MFL-3 Style Contemporary Floor Lamp

Inspired by Serge Mouille

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MFL-3 Style Contemporary Floor Lamp
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Serge Mouille MFL-3 Style Contemporary Floor Lamp

Our gorgeous Serge Mouille MFL-3 Style Contemporary Floor Lamp is the perfect addition to any living space, allowing you to customise the diffusion of light, depending on your mood or the size of your room. Standing almost two metre high, each 'chapeau' shade can be oriented differently. Sculptural in form with 3 rotating arms, it stands on a tripod base, which also includes three tapered legs which add to the insect-like aesthetic.

The story behind the Serge Mouille MFL-3 Style Contemporary Floor Lamp

Resembling a everything from a three-headed stick-insect to a bouquet of flowers to a crack down a wall, the MFL-3 was the result of one of the 20th Century's most eccentric and colourful designers ripping-up the lighting design rulebook. He wanted every piece of lighting to be personal, beautiful and extravagant. What he ended-up with was a fully-customisable lamp that could be moulded and shaped by whoever used it to create extraordinary lighting effects, from bright light to understated warmth.

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Serge Mouille

About The Designer:

Serge Mouille

MFL-3 Style Contemporary Floor Lamp
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1922 – 1988

French industrialist, silversmith and teacher, Serge Mouille is best known for his modernist lighting fixtures. His skilful mastery of metalwork is evident in all his designs.The son of a policeman and seamstress, Mouille had a passion for metal works from an early age. At 13, he began training at the School of Applied Arts' silver workshop, studying under sculptor, Gabriel Lacroix. He was the youngest student there. Mouille graduated in 1941 with such a gift for the trade that he became a teacher at the school just four years later. The same year, he also opened his own workshop, initially concentrating on handrails, wall sconces and chandeliers. In the 1950s, he started to design intricate, hand-crafted floor lights and wall mounted lamps. These were inspired by the female form, in particular the musculature and skeleton. Showcased alongside Charlotte Perriand, Isamu Noguchi and Jean Prouvé, Mouille's lamps soon grabbed the worldwide attention. In the mid 1950s, Hollywood legend, Henry Fonda turned up at his workshop and refused to leave until Mouille designed him a lamp. This became the first Mouille lamp to reach America.Mouille's creations are timeless classics that still look modern today. His most iconic designs include the Contemporary Pendant Lamp, the MFL-3 Style Contemporary Floor Lamp, the MSC-R1C Contemporary Wall Lamp, MCL-R6 Style Contemporary Pendant Lamp and MSC-R2 Style Contemporary Wall Lamp.

"The form is always determined by the material."

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